Tuesday, September 07, 2010

PalArab in Florida tries to buy Uzis - think BDSers are upset?

From WSVN (Miami):
A Palestinian national has been arrested in South Florida after he was accused to attempting to purchase hundreds of stolen weapons.

Abdalaziz Aziz Hamayel, a Palestinian national with deep ties to the West Bank, was arrested and accused of trying to buy a large amount of weapons. According to a criminal complaint against Hamayel, the suspect attempted to purchase 300 weapons, which he knew were stolen, and the weapons were headed to "his people."

The criminal complaint said, "Hamayel contacted the confidential source to discuss the weapons and explosives he was requesting for purchase...Hamayel specifically requested a quantity of 300 M-16 rifles, 9mm handguns, UZI submachine guns, silencers and grenades."

Hamayel was also interested in buying remote detonation devices, like a cell phone detonator.
I just can't help wondering whether BDSers would come out publicly against or for the idea of a Palestinian Arab purchasing Israeli-made Uzis to kill Israelis.