Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The pain of the Gazans paid NOT to work

Palestine Today has a weepy article about the psychological pain of Gaza men - who are forced to stay home and draw salaries from the Palestinian Authority.

Since the Hamas coup, tens of thousands of men employed by the PA have been forced by to not work in order to continue to get paid. If they take another job, or go back to their old jobs, they will lose their free paycheck.

Some of them have to suffer the indignity of watching their wives go off to work while they stay home with the children, an unspeakable horror!

The article goes on to talk to women who get beaten by their now-impotent husbands out of their frustration at having nothing to do. Many also beat their children.

One expert advises wives to go out of their way to treat their husbands as the kings of their home to avoid these beatings.