Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jewish belly dancer performing at West Bank weddings?

YNet reports:
A mysterious belly dancer from Israel has become a recent sensation in the West Bank.

The woman of mystery has become the talk of the town among Palestinians, after appearing in many wedding celebrations and leaving the crowd flabbergasted.

Recently, the woman, dubbed "the Jewish dancer" appeared in a wedding at Bethlehem. Guests who saw her perform said she quickly turned into the highlight of the night, and came up in almost every conversation during the event.

The wedding sensation, whose name and other identifying details remain unknown, reportedly charges an astronomic amount of NIS 1,600 (about $425) for every 15 minutes of performance.

Her much acclaimed appearance in Bethlehem earned her at least NIS 2,700 (about $718) for the night.

Palestinian website PNN also wrote about the mystery woman, discussing whether the Jewish Israeli's presence in the West Bank is legitimate or controversial.

Maybe she should perform at the next round of negotiations.

The PNN article is here. It says that  she performed until past midnight in her Bethlehem appearance.