Monday, September 13, 2010

"Human Rights group" details some of Israel's "crimes" against Jerusalem

An NGO has released a report detailing supposed Israeli crimes in Jerusalem during Ramadan.

The "Civic Coalition for Defending Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem" in collaboration with the "Jerusalem Center for Democracy and Human Rights" and the "Land Research Center." listed out the horrendous crimes and violations of human rights. They include allowing Jews to visit the Temple Mount, restricting the ability of known inciters to travel in Jerusalem, and - allowing the 14th World Jewish Congress to meet in Jerusalem, even though the meeting was on the Western side of the Green Line.

Sounds like they want Jerusalem to be free of Jews, doesn't it?

The webpage of the Civic Coalition for Defending Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem looks like the part-time activity of one person; the English site has not been updated in months and the Arabic site is even more out of date.