Monday, September 13, 2010

Are right-wing Jews changing their mind on the Temple Mount?

British-based Hamas mouthpiece Palestine Info writes:
130 Jewish extremists stormed into the Aqsa Mosque Monday morning from the Maghareba Gate, accompanied by reinforced Israeli police, local sources said.

Five groups entered through the gate, each group led by a head rabbi, one security guard reported.

The Mosque’s guards monitored the Jews from afar for fear of being arrested as they toured the Mosque’s courtyards and halls.
Jews have been going in groups to peacefully visit the Temple Mount for a long time, of course. Each time the Arab press has similar articles about them "storming" and "breaking in."

But in general it is the religious Zionist crowd that visits, not the haredi and Chassidic Jews, who have generally stayed away out of concern of accidentally entering the area of the Holy of Holies. (Religious Zionists are fairly certain they know where that is and they keep a distance away from it.)

This picture, if accurate, indicates that perhaps some Chassidic groups are starting to assert their human rights to visit the holiest spot in of their religion without fear. If so, that is a very good sign.