Friday, August 27, 2010

Here's to you, Gaza Israeli flag painter

Today I saw another of these types of pictures in the Islamic Jihad-oriented Palestine Today:

Someone painted the Israelis (and don't forget the American) flag that these Islamic Jihad terrorists are happily stepping upon, in what to them is an obvious insult to Israel and the US.

The flag on the right has what appears to be two stars, the main one on top of one that seems to have been poorly erased:
Who has this job? Does he feel a feeling of accomplishment when he finishes painting the flag to be trodden upon? Was he embarrassed that the first star was not up to the correct standards and his sense of pride forced him to do it right? Did he make a conscious decision to paint the vertical Israeli flag as opposed to the horizontal? If so, was it based on aesthetics, or intended use, or was he simply following Israeli guidelines as to when the vertical flag should be used? Is he happy when his work is destroyed? Does he get paid by Islamic Jihad to paint Israeli flags? If he does a poor job in painting enemy flags, do they punish him?

Someone needs to find this guy and interview him.