Thursday, July 08, 2010

Shwarma fight!

In Aleppo, Syria, a kid went to the Farooj shwarma shop to get one of their signature dishes. Upon receiving the delicacy, however, he complained to the owner that he did not get the proper amount of meat in his wrap.

 The owner of the shop, insulted, struck the customer.

The kid wasn't happy, and called his clan to intervene on his behalf.

The Farooj shop owner, in turn, called in his own clan reinforcements.

The resulting shwarma clash escalated at the site of the shop, with one participant seriously injured from being hit by a blunt object and the storefront window smashed. Police had to be called in to stop the fighting, and they stayed on the scene for hours to ensure that the families wouldn't start up the fight again.

I like shwarma, but somehow it doesn't make me quite so passionate.

(h/t Ali for translation help)