Sunday, July 04, 2010

Interesting comment links

EoZ commenters have posted some noteworthy links over the weekend:

Jacobson brings us Jonathan Kay of Canada's National Post. A Gay Pride Parade is scheduled for today, and a group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is participating. It turns out that they don't only hate Israel for its "colonialist" policies - but they hate Canada too!

Jacobson also notices a link to a MEMRI translation of a debate on Pakistan TV concerning concubines; they tackle the important issue of whether Muslims, upon conquering Israel can take Jewish women as their concubines. (The answer: only if the conquering Emir distributes them as such.)

Margie notes that the Hezbollah-backed "Journalists to Gaza" group webpage has been inactive lately, but one of its members commented back that the group is still working to get their boat to Gaza. He writes "Our motivation is totaly humanitarian, and as journalists its our Duty!" Funny - I always though that journalists were supposed to report the news, not participate in making the news. 

Yerushalimey points us to Latma's noticing that some of those who are protesting for Gilad Shalit's release are possibly not being as altruistic as they make themselves out to be.

Sshender links to the latest Krauthammer piece about those troublesome Jews.