Friday, June 18, 2010

Hezbollah rejects singer's desire to join women's Gaza ship

As we mentioned yesterday, a ship of women is scheduled to go from Lebanon towards Gaza in the next couple of days, supposedly to bring aid to Gazans.

The person behind the ship denies any Hezbollah connection but, frankly, she is lying.

If you need any more proof of that, a Kuwaiti newspaper is reporting that hugely popular Lebanese singer and actress Haifa Wehbe heard about this ship and wanted to join. She would be a very high-profile passenger and the sort of person that Free Gaza would kill to have on board one of their ships.

Her request was rejected, though - by Hezbollah.

It seems that she does not always dress modestly enough for Hezbollah standards, and they do not want a sex symbol like Wehbe to be on board. Hezbollah said that it doesn't want anyone known for her "nudity" and "degrading appearance" to be associated with the ship as it would detract from what they want to accomplish.

Which is possibly to provoke a massacre against the women.