Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Egyptian resorts suffering from fleeing Israelis

Al Masry al-Youm reports that as soon as news of the flotilla raid reached Egypt, the many Israelis vacationing there fled - and those who had reservations to visit Egypt canceled their plans.

Flights between Tel Aviv and Cairo that had been filled only last week are flying empty. The newspaper reports that not a single Israeli has entered Egypt in the past 48 hours, either from the air or through the Taba crossing.

Hotels and tourist villages that depended on Israeli tourism are bracing for the loss of revenue expected in the next few days. 

Israelis feared reprisal terror attacks against them, and this fear is quite justified - Egypt just arrested 3 Palestinian Arabs in Egypt for planning terror attacks.Also, as Am Masry mentions, Egypt had in recent months discovered Hezbollah cells that intended to kidnap Israelis in Egypt.

Al Masry reports that Israelis have also abandoned travel to Turkey, Indonesia  and Malaysia.