Friday, June 11, 2010

AP doesn't even try to match the caption to the picture

Here's a picture of a Gazan family going for a ride along the Mediterranean:

How do you think AP captions it?

A Palestinian family rides on a motorcycle at the Gaza City port in Gaza City, Friday, June 11, 2010. Gaza has been mired in poverty for decades, but the embargo by Israel deepened the misery, erasing tens of thousands of jobs and preventing repair of damage from the Israeli offensive.
When one thinks "poverty," this is the exact picture that comes to mind.

By the way, the only time since at least the 1940s that Gaza was not so poverty-stricken was when Israel occupied it. So when wire services complain about how Israeli policies are responsible for Gaza's poverty, are they really advocating that Israel go back in and rebuild farms, greenhouses and an industrial park that were regular targets of terrorists? After all, a great number of Gazans' jobs were working for either Israelis in Gaza or for Israeli factories in Gaza. They lost those jobs not because of the embargo but because Israel withdrew from Gaza and the terror only increased.

Notice also that Hamas actions are not blamed at all for Gazan poverty.