Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweden expels Syrian diplomat who tried to kidnap his daughter

From the BBC:
Sweden has expelled a high-ranking Syrian diplomat for allegedly planning to abduct his daughter, Swedish media report.

Syria's charge d'affaires wanted to take his daughter out of Sweden because of her relationship with a young man there, Swedish television SVT says.

The Swedish foreign office has refused to comment, TT news agency reports.

A Swedish politician, who is alleged to have helped the diplomat plan to kidnap the girl, was arrested on Monday.

The Stockholm-based Social Democrat politician had served as an adviser to the diplomat's family, SVT reports.

The politician denies any wrongdoing, Dagens Nyheter newspaper writes.

A spokesman for the Swedish foreign office, Teo Zetterman, told Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet that they could not comment on cases involving people with diplomatic immunity.

Syria was informed Tuesday by Swedish officials that the diplomat was "no longer welcome in Sweden", according to Swedish daily Expressen.
Sounds like the daughter is an adult.

(h/t Callie)