Sunday, December 13, 2009

Evil extremist Zionists to visit torched mosque

From YNet:
Dozens of rabbis and activists from the Religious Zionist camp will visit Sunday the West Bank Palestinian village of Yasuf to protest against the torching of the village's main mosque and to send a message of reconciliation to the Muslim population, Ynet has learned.

During their visit, they will lend a hand in the clean-up and refurbishing efforts at the mosque. They will also donate a number of Korans in place of those that were burned in the fire.

Rabbi Yehuda Gilad, who heads the yeshiva on the religious kibbutz Maale Gilboa, initiated the event together with Rabbi Avia Rosen from Ein Hanatziv and Rabbi Shmuel Reiner. Rabbi Gilad said, "We came to expel darkness, especially during the days of Hannukah. Light is not added by hurting our brothers, the Muslims, who are the servants of God just as we are. This is an important message to relay."

According to Rabbi Gilad, rabbis from across the spectrum of Religious Zionism and from areas throughout Israel are expected to partake in the event that was put together just Sunday morning. "This is not a political protest, but a humanitarian, moral, and religious issue. We have seen and heard condemnations (of the mosque arson) from both ends of the political spectrum," said Rabbi Gilad.
These are the very types of Jews who are almost invariably portrayed in the world media as "extremist," "ultra-religious," "and "fanatics." They are vilified as venomously hating Muslims and Arabs. They are the ones who are either settlers themselves or support the settler movement wholeheartedly.

JPost adds:
Dani Dayan, who heads the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, condemned the attack as "outrageous" and "morally wrong."
I have yet to see, ever, a single Palestinian Arab leader publicly call any of thousands of terror attacks on Jews in Israel to be "morally wrong." Their English-language condemnations are invariably leavened with the explanation that the attacks are bad for their cause, but never that they are immoral.

So far I have counted 340 stories in Google News that have mentioned the attack. It will be instructive to see how many will bother mentioning this extraordinary protest.

I predict that it will be significantly fewer, or a wire service that mentions it will spin it so as to make the arsonists look like the mainstream and the outraged leaders the tiny minority.

The main reason is that this story directly contradicts the "extremist settler" meme that that the mass media has relied upon to "explain" the conflict to ignorant Westerners. Reporters will usually choose to ignore a story rather than report on facts that contradict their lazy shorthand that they pretend represents a higher truth.