Saturday, December 12, 2009

Comparing two attacks of holy places

In the past couple of days there has been quite a number of news stories about the arson done at a mosque in Yasuf on the West Bank, apparently by Jewish settlers. The act has been rightfully denounced by settler leaders, by the Israeli government, by the opposition, and by the UN.

I am reminded of a similar vandalizing of a holy place that whose damage I witnessed and photographed the last time I was in Israel, at the burial place of Shmuel Hanavi near Jerusalem.

The Aron HaKodesh (ark) was pried open, the Torah was stolen, the place was ransacked and there was much damage to furniture, the walls and many holy books. The worshipers there described it to me as a "pogrom."

The incident barely rated a tiny mention in Arutz-7 and was ignored by the major Israeli papers. There were no condemnations by Arab politicians, by the EU, by the UN, or even - tragically - by Israeli leaders.

Is it that these sorts of incidents are so widespread that they fail to even make the news, or that Jews are not nearly as concerned about their own honor as they are about the honor of Muslims?