Thursday, November 05, 2009

Syrian minister says UN is pro-Israel

On the very same day that the UN General Assembly (for the umpteenth time) voted overwhelmingly against Israel, a Syrian minister and columnist for Asharq Al Awsat writes that the UN is just another Zionist tool:
The shy and shameful language of the UN’s call [for Israel not to evict Palestinian Arabs in jerusalem] comes in the context of the submission of the Security Council to the Zionist will, and consequently commits a historic disgrace in the form of ignoring the legitimate political, civil and human rights of the Palestinian people including their right to life and freedom like other peoples of the world.

For the UN not to take any initiative or measure which leads to giving the Palestinian people the right to self determination will remain a disgrace in the history of the organization which will never be removed except with the removal of Jewish colonialism in Palestine. The Palestinians have been under a racist settler form of colonialism for over sixty years; and they are targeted with a campaign of ethnic cleansing launched by armed gangs of settlers supported by the Israeli police and army. This is unparalleled in the 21st century in terms of the crimes which include siege, murder, food poisoning, starvation, assassination, demolishing houses, scorching crops, destroying farms, raping prisoners, trafficking in the organs of martyrs and preventing Palestinians from moving between their villages, farms and schools.

All this happens under the full gaze and silence of the ‘civilized’ world which fully supports the Israeli government and fully ignores the daily savage crimes committed by Jewish settlers and Israeli soldiers.

Ms. Shaaban seems not to inhabit the same world that the rest of us live in.
If all these crimes committed daily against Palestinians do not amount to ethnic cleansing and genocide, what does?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe Hama?