Saturday, September 05, 2009

Now, we have Zionist Attack Snakes to add to the zoo

We've already seen Arabs blaming Israel for attacks done by dogs, pigs, wolves, lions, rats and sheep. We've seen the terror of Zionist cows.

Today, we can add another member to the Zionist Attack Zoo: Snakes.
yewitnesses said a snake at least one meter long bit a woman on farmland near Salfit. The woman was transferred to the National Hospital in Nablus for anti-venom treatment.

Locals, who have often accused Ariel settlers of releasing wild boars into villages and farmland, said the snake was likely released from the nearby settlement, noting it escaped after the attack toward the confiscated land.
As in previous cases, the venomous Zionists managed to train snakes to distinguish between Jew and Arab, a very useful skill.

And you thought that snake charming was only done in India!