Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A double honor killing in Saudi Arabia

From the Arab News:
A man may face the death penalty if found guilty of gunning down his two sisters as they were being discharged by Social Affairs officials into the custody of their father.

The two women had been caught in suspicious circumstances with two unrelated men on Thursday.

Police believe the brother murdered his two sisters to save the family honor. The names and ages of the young women and their brother were not made public.

According to Riyadh police, the man followed his father to the social protection home and then waited until the women came out. He reportedly shot one sister in the head and discharged three bullets into the other. He then tossed the gun near the bodies. Guards at the Social Affairs shelter quickly apprehended the man.

The man will face the death penalty unless his family forgives him. If he is spared capital punishment he will still face jail time served in the name of the public right.

Women are usually turned over to Social Affairs shelters if they are caught with unrelated men until their guardians can get them out of custody.

This is another consequence of the honor/shame culture.

The brother didn't kill his sisters because he knew that they were acting suspiciously with unrelated men; he murdered them because they were accused of acting in such a manner. Being accused is just as shameful as being guilty. Facts aren't important, only perception.

But hey...he has a fair shot at being forgiven by his parents.