Friday, May 01, 2009

Weekend open thread

Sorry I haven't been able to post today.

L. King suggested in the comments an open thread about the challenges to Zionism in academia, a theme for my last two posts. He brings up some good points.

I started looking at the list of Hamas members from ICT. I am uncomfortable right now counting anyone who is simply called a "shahid" in the Hamas lists they looked at; even though there is strong evidence that when they call someone a "shahid" they are a terrorist (for example, they didn't list any women,) I can still imagine Hamas using that same word to describe a theoretical policeman who was not affiliated with the Qassam Brigades. I just added a "heroic shahid" to my list, making it 227.

Even so, the ICT list is difficult because it lists a lot of people by their terror names only ("Abu JIhad") that don't correspond to anyone in the PCHR list. Anyone who wants to tackle that process, feel free to volunteer!

Anyway, let this be an open thread so you can all discuss things and find cool links to share....