Sunday, April 05, 2009

PalArabs define 70 year old buildings as "archaeological"

From the Palestine Telegraph:
Institution: IOF destroyed archaeological buildings during the aggression on Gaza
Sounds like those evil Zionists have a total disregard for ancient history! Let's see the details:
Jerusalem institution informed that the Israeli offensive army devastated four historic buildings belonging to the Islamic, ottoman, British and Egyptian reign periods during the recent aggression on Gaza.The institution notified, in a press release issued in Wednesday the 1st of April 2009 that the governor’s mansion was destroyed. It is worth mentioning that the mansion is an architectural tableau and a masterpiece that has been built during the reign of Egypt in the fifties and stood to be a witness along the historical periods till the president Yasser Arafat adopted it as a headquarter.

It has also pointed out that the Israeli shelled a building belonging to the municipal police in the old city of Gaza. The building dates back to the thirties. During that time it belonged to Gaza municipality while Fahmi al-Husseini Beck was undertaking the functions of the municipality. Half of the building which had been built with red bricks was destroyed completely while the other part was partially damaged which has also affected the near old buildings.

The institution noted that the F16 aircrafts devastated the military government house which was built during the British reign. During the thirties, it was used as a headquarter, military center, central prison for the British army. Then the Israeli occupation used it for the same purposes. After the Palestinian authority came, the building has been expanded besides building new units to be a center for the national security forces till it was destroyed completely.
Almost as an afterthought comes this addition:
Occupation, in earlier time, has destroyed Al-Naser historical mosque which was built in 736 A.D. in Beit Hanoun.
This sounds a little fishy, even though Al Arabiya said the mosque was destroyed in the early days of the operation.

A little research finds out what really happened to that mosque, which was built 500 years later than how it is described today:
The Umm al-Nasr Mosque was built 1239 by the Ayyubids to commemorate their soldiers who had died in the battle on the mosque site between them and the Crusaders. The Ayyubids were victorious, hence the name Umm al-Nasr ("Mother of Victories").[1][2] The inscription on the wall above the mosque entrance attributes the construction to Ayyubid sultan al-Adil II.

On November 3, 2006, Israeli forces and Palestinian militants holed up inside the mosque exchanged gunfire. The mosque was virtually destroyed by Israeli shells, the only structure untouched being the southern portico a shallow dome in the mosque center.
So that mosque, rather than being destroyed during the Gaza op, was actually used by terrorists as a fortress to fight Israeli troops a year and a half ago, and the IDF responded.

The claim that Israel destroyed "archaeological" buildings during the Gaza op is shown to be utterly without foundation.

Add one more to the gigantic and ever-growing list of lies that come out of Palestinian Arab mouths every day.