Friday, March 06, 2009

Today's PalArab media roundup

Hamas police made a drug bust of methamphetamines and hashish smuggled in Gaza tunnels.

A Russian analyst is quoted in Palestine Today as saying that by 2011, the United States would break up into six separate nations and that a new world currency will emerge to replace the dollar as Russia and China will be the new superpowers. All media, not just Arab, like to quote "experts" that confirm their own wishful thinking no matter how nutty. (Here's the original article from Russia in English. The Arabs believe it more than the Russians themselves do.)

PalToday also has a photo essay from the funeral of the Islamic Jihad terrorist turned to worm food by the IDF.

A new English-language publication is supposed to start in Gaza any day now. Called the Palestine Telegraph, the Free Gaza people are already salivating over it.
The Palestine Telegraph editing team seeks the following types of articles:

1- Articles that tackle daring ideas and are controversial or unconventional; as long as they are supported by factual and logical evidence and do not violate general Arab cultural norms or common decency.

2- Articles that present unprecedented ideas.

3- Articles on current events and an analytical perspective that transcends the obvious and rises above superficial reasoning.

4- Dramatic or satirical articles with an interesting and entertaining style.
Hey, maybe I'll submit things to it when/if it appears! Oh, wait - I think my articles might violate general Arab cultural norms, because I do not support terrorism.

By the way, the "professional" who is starting this is a 23-year old Gazan with a bachelor's degree in English. If that doesn't scream "professional," I don't know what does.