Monday, March 23, 2009

Meanwhile, in Lebanon.... (updated)

Fatah leader in Lebanon Kamal Medhat and four others were killed in a roadside bombing near the Mia Mia Refugee Camp in southern Lebanon Monday, security sources said.

Medhat was the second in command for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Lebanon, and represents the more than 200,000 Palestinian refugees living in 12 different refugee camps in the area.
Expect this assassination of a major PLO figure in tomorrow's papers.

Somewhere around page A12 in the "News Briefs" section.

Because he wasn't killed by a Jew.

UPDATE: How predictable was this?
Sheikh Maher Hammoud, the imam of a mosque in Sidon, blamed Israel for the assassination of Major General Medhat, saying that Israel took advantage of the presence of differences in the Fatah movement to carry out the operation, and called on everyone to carefully turn it so as not to internal dissension within the movement Fatah and the Palestinian people.
And more:
On his part, Hamas representative in Lebanon Osama Hamdan vehemently condemned the killing. He told Al-Manar TV that the "crime" was in the interests of the Palestinian people's enemies, stressing that the death of Medhat considers a major loss for the Palestinians. Asked about the identity of the criminals, Hamdan said that the main suspect is, no doubt, the Zionist entity and its tools.

Lebanon's Hizbullah also condemned the assassination of Medhat and his companions. The Shiite movement warned that the crime was targeting both the Palestinian and Lebanese nations, emphasizing that the "Zionist fingerprints behind it were obvious."