Thursday, March 05, 2009

Iran unmasks the Elders

Iran's PressTV writes:
Zion elders wanted Muslims 'under thumb'

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani says that the creation of Israel was aimed at placing Islamic states under Zionist influence.

In a speech delivered at the international conference in support of Palestinians in Tehran on Wednesday, Larijani said frequent tensions in the Middle East clearly show that the elders of Zion planned to preoccupy Islamic countries with daily struggles.
Larijani gave a prime example of exactly how we Elders are confusing Muslims every day, without his even realizing what an unwitting Zionist puppet he has become:
"The Palestinian crisis is a serious one with almost no precedent. Imprisoning millions of people in Israeli jails and turning millions of others into refugees over the past 60 years is but a portion of Israel's atrocities in Palestine," Larijani added.
Yes, the Elders have messed with Larijani's ability to understand simple numbers, and we have convinced him that we have huge prisons that hold millions of Arabs. As speaker of Parliament, he knows that the logistics involved in such an enterprise are extremely difficult, thus he is forced to fear the Zionists even more with our little trick of misdirection.

Not only that, Larijani helps prove that Iran itself is deeply under Zionist control, as at least half of Iran's public statements are fixated on Zionists! Our broad influence on Iran has distracted them from working on their own problems and building their own society, as they scramble to come up with new adjectives to sputter about how evil Zionists are - and conferences to use their latest insults. We even got him to think that Iran's "daily struggles" - like inflation and unemployment - are mere Zionist distractions that must be ignored.

The brilliance of the Elder plan (updated last week on a napkin in my dining room) is that his vitriol proves our plan's success. He's dancing to our tune, and he doesn't even know it!

(h/t Judeopundit)