Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today's must-reads

There's really a lot of good stuff out there:

Israel Matzav has a damning look at President Obama's nominee for Director of National Intelligence, Chas Freeman. He is simply another Jimmy Carter - supporting legitimizing Hamas and blaming all of America's international problems on Israel.

Pajamas Media points out the obvious - if Iran can propel a satellite into space, it can shoot a nuclear bomb pretty much anywhere it likes worldwide. Yet the world continues to treat the prospect of Iranian nuclear ambitions as being directed "only" towards Israel.

David Bogner looks at Tzipi Livni's attempts to become Prime Minister, and is happy that such a person won't get that chance so soon.

Natan Sharansky defines modern-day anti-semitism: "Live and be hated, or die and be loved."

Sultan Knish neatly demonstrates the hypocrisy of Muslims who are so thin-skinned about "Islamophobia" but happily defend routine Muslim violations of human rights.

I used to spend lots of time dissecting the Iranian press the same way I do the Arab press today. The main reason I don't anymore is because Judeopundit does such a nice job.

The Augean Stables reproduces an article about Taqqiya, the Muslim practice of institutionalized dishonesty, by Stuart Green.

He also points to an article by James Kirchick on how the world rationalizes terrorism against Israel.