Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More details about the missing Gaza ordnance

I just got off the phone with Richard Miron, UN spokesman in Jerusalem for UNSCO who was quoted in the BBC report about the seven missing tons of unexploded ordnance in Gaza. He said that his only official statement was what he told the BBC, but he did answer a couple of questions.

Miron said that the YNet report was incorrect in saying that UNRWA officials examined the weaponry. The UN Mines Action Team was not the party that found, gathered nor stored the explosives; they did not own the warehouse and never took possession of them. Their job was simply to safely destroy of the material, and Miron did not tell me how exactly they found out about it to begin with.

He also refused to speculate who might have taken the explosives, although I think we all now who that was.

(Interestingly, I had emailed Chris Gunness about the UNRWA connection and he simply emailed back to call a certain number. I assumed the number belonged to Gunness himself, but it was Miron, Chief Public Information Officer of UNSCO, who answered the phone, and whom I had earlier emailed with similar questions.)