Thursday, December 04, 2008

Today's PalArab news

Israel plans to send 40 truckfuls of humanitarian aid to Gaza today, "depending on developments on the ground."

Israel also pumped 50,000 liters of industrial diesel for Gaza's power plant today.

In addition, Israel is expected to allow foreign journalists into Gaza today for the first time in a month.

All of this is despite the facts that at least one mortar was shot at Israel so far today, with 4 Qassams and 15 mortars yesterday.

Israel also loosened restrictions on travel for Israeli Arabs to the northern West Bank. Starting today, many cars and trucks will be allowed into Nablus without a permit, and some checkpoints will be eliminated.

Now, did you know any of this from the mainstream or even Israeli media?

Hamas denied published reports that it would allow Gaza pilgrims to travel today through Rafah to the Hajj in Mecca. Today would be the last day where pilgrims would have a practical chance of making it to Saudi Arabia in time.

The Rafah tunnel industry is now shipping at the rate of some $700 million of goods annually, far more than they ever got from Egypt in the past.