Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neo-Nazis going bananas over Chicago Tribune story

The LA Daily points out some of the comments being made at "White Power" sites like Stormfront and Vanguard News Network in response to today's news that the Chicago Tribune is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Most interesting is this comments from "Bob R." which I reproduce in all its glory:
what this means is, this guy was nothing more than a front person for Jewish Bankers to buy up the media conglomeration that owns TV stations across the country. The Jew bankers are the ones who decided his 300 million dollars was enough equity to loan him 8 billion dollars, it's all a fictional, fairy tale rationalization for laundering money, but soon the Jews won't need to come up with any excuse for flooding the economy will bullshit money, because Americans will all be mulattos and MTV retards who don't understand anything I"m saying.

Jews do this to every business that gets fairly large, they simply have some rich, swaggering guy, as a front man go around and buy them up in 'leveraged' buyouts, but they are simply frontmen for the Jews, and they immediately fire all the white males, ship the factories to Mexico, start importing all their parts from Asia, begin using the corporation to hire niggers and hot white women and put them in the same room all day, and they slap their occult satanic logos all over the company.

John McCain's wife said her favorite show is the X-files. This show is mind scrambling non-sense that has very little plot continuity, soon we will have female governors and senators who can't figure out that the show doesn't actually make any sense.
He's got it all figured out!

Bob R. seems to be a regular commenter, with dozens of posts just today; here's another prime example of the mentality of today's deranged racists:
women have been driven insane by Jew/Nigger culture. White males don't go out having sex with black women in Britain, white women do, so of course they will have more 'partners'. 'Partners' is a totally faggified term , btw, homosexuals have destroyed our culture. These people belong in padded rooms in straight jackets so they cannot masterbate.