Monday, December 08, 2008

Israel's iniquitous Koranic plots

Firas Press breathlessly reports on the latest nefarious Israeli plot to debase and twist the Holy Koran:
A report of the Monitoring Committee of the Islamic Research Academy in Egypt warned that Israel is expanding in the perversion of the Koran and issued editions distributed to many African countries including Kenya and Niger.

The recent report says that 'The Israelis were distorting the Koran and deleted verses that talk about Jews and signs calling for Jihad'.
Brilliant! All the miscreant Jews need to do to solve the problems of Islamic terror is to change the Koran itself!

That's not the only thing that Israelis are doing with the Koran. They are now making money from it:
For Muslims who just can't fit the five-times-a-day Salah prayer routine into their busy schedules, an Israeli mobile phone provider has a new solution: Mobile Koran.

Pelephone has begun offering a Koran text service that enables users to tap into verses of choice from the Muslim Holy Book at will.

For the modest sum of $1.50 per month, subscribers can download what appears onscreen as an actual book of Koran, and scroll through chapter and verse.

"We are providing something to subscribers who want to be connected to these texts any time and any place," said Pelephone Product Content Director Moti Cohen. "So naturally we are targeting a population that would use this type of service. Our Arab sector customers are very enthusiastic."
And we mustn't forget the other Israeli Koran project, Quranet, which has just gone on-line although all of its features are not available yet.
A new Web site launched by an Israeli university professor and his Bedouin students aims to address life's everyday quandaries from the perspective of an ancient sacred text: the Quran.

Organizers of the site, Quranet.net, say they hope it will serve as a "bridge between Islam and the West" by applying the wisdom of Islam's holiest book to modern-day problems.

"We try to transform the Quran into a modern and useful tool, so that every person can find a Quranic answer to modern psychological and educational queries," said Ofer Grosbard, professor at the Academic Arab College for Education, affiliated with Haifa University.

Quranet divides chapters of the Quran into topics such as "Loss, Illness and Tragedy," and provides answers to such questions as, "Is loss an excuse for aggression?" and "What can we say to someone who refuses to accept a gesture of peace?"

The questions are answered with a relevant Quranic verse, followed by an educational-psychological explanation of the issue.

Quranet seeks to illustrate "the beauty of the Quran," said Grosbard, who believes the book's positive messages have been overshadowed by Islamic fundamentalists who've manipulated the text as a justification for terrorism.
We spoke about Quranet a few months ago, with many Muslims freaking out that Israelis could dare publicly claim that he Koran teaches love and respect.

Obviously, Israel is trying to destroy the Holy Quran/Koran with a multi-pronged attack.

What chutzpah!