Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Abbas compares Hamas to infidels in Mecca speech

From Palestine Press Agency (Arabic):
President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a strongly-worded attack on the Islamic Resistance Movement 'Hamas', likening them infidels and heretics, in a speech from Mecca today, Tuesday.

President Abbas, in his Eid al-Adha speech, accused Hamas of preventing pilgrims from the Gaza Strip to go to the performance of their religious duty, saying that 'Hamas is responsible for those [Gazans] not coming to the Hajj.'

Mahmoud Abbas said in his speech 'Of course everyone here is in pain, and we know that it hurts everybody that these pilgrims cannot come to Mecca and Medina.'

The Palestinian President noted 'that Israel never stopped the pilgrims to come to the pilgrimage for a single day, but this was done by Hamas. Just as in the past when the Quraish infidels denied the Prophet, peace be upon him, to come to Mecca, as well as Alaqramtp , Who prevented the pilgrims for many years to come here, 'he said.

The Palestinian Authority President accused Hamas for being responsible for the siege, saying, 'We know that the siege of our people who live there is due to the Israeli government and Hamas'.
But what does he know? He's a "collaborator!"