Wednesday, November 19, 2008

YouTube's anti-semitism in Arabic

While YouTube tries to remove offensive videos in languages they understand, it remains a haven for anti-semitic videos in Arabic.

Here are some titles, autotranslated, with links:

Jews cowards

Jewish history and the dream of a false Asif (1-10) - A documentary film about Jews were God's curse

Even camels hate Jews (which is actually pretty funny)

The stormy history of the Jewish dream of a false (4-10) A documentary film about Jews were God's curse

Incest Jewish

Children who humiliated the Jews - Apparently, the Jews wouldn't be humiliated if they fired tanks at young rock throwers

Jewish history and crimes

The film documentary about Jews and their plans

(The Jews God's hands tied) - This is the Brotherhood of apes and pigs Bastards say God's hands tied by a stingy their hands tied, and cursed including

Jews saw terrorism - A sequence of scenes of Jews praying juxtaposed with dead Arabs

Martyrdom operations in Palestine against the Jews - apparently praising killing Jews - not Zionists.