Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today's blood libel. Literally.

From the English-language "International Middle East Media Center," which is a Palestinian Arab propaganda outlet that is considered a "news" source by Google:
This cartoonist is, of course, one of the "moderates." His website describes him as:
A well-known Palestinian cartoonist, provides daily cartoons to various news and media outlets. He was presented with many achievement awards by Palestinian, Arab and Muslim organizations.
His resume continues:
Date of Birth: 27/3/1985
Education: Civil Engineering
: Experiences
. Holds first place in the competition among actors Cartoons –
. Loyalty to the prisoners organized by the Council of Islamic university students –
Recipient of the First Cultural Award Contest (creativity 2007) private –
. Islamic University students
Holds second place in the painting competition within the battle of Jerusalem –
. Substantive organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
Participated in numerous courses in the fields of art and sports and community –
: Participated in numerous art galleries, including –
A - an exhibition organized by the Kenan Institute for Educational developmental a plastic art exhibition
In honor of the tenth anniversary of the uprising glorious title psychological impact on
. Children and Youth
. B - an exhibition organized by the Progressive Student Union bloc
Recipient of several certificates of appreciation from several institutions including the Ministry –
Youth and Sports, Kenan Institute of Educational Development, Youth Union and other Palestinian
. Musharraf in Section Cartoons and photos of the editorial board of the newspaper Youth Morocco –
. Supervisor in the Department of caricature in the cultural magazine tracks –
Tnscherrsumaati cartoon in many newspapers and magazines, local and international –
So these cartoons, depicting all Israelis as evil religious Jews using Nazi-style caricatures and classic anti-semitic themes, are clearly considered perfectly valid in today's Palestinian Arab society. They are not from Islamic Jihad or Hamas - this cartoonist has received awards from the Palestinian Authority institutions for similar cartoons.

These cartoons are not considered extreme or anti-semitic within the PA world of today - they are considered mainstream, to the point that even their English-language outlets are not embarrassed to publish them.

This is why real peace is impossible. The Palestinian Arab media is saturated with images like these - not just anti-Israel images but pure Jew-hatred, fed to the people from birth, inciting loathing for all Jews and Israelis. While the Israeli center continues to come up with projects to bridge the gap between the two peoples, and the Israeli Left continues to show how enlightened and progressive they are, to prove to the world that they are not like those religious or nationalistic or Zionist fanatics and they really love the Arabs, - and even the Israeli Right tries hard to come up with solutions that would help Palestinian Arabs live their lives in peace and prosperity - there are no corresponding peaceful voices on the Arab side.

A large percentage of Palestinian Arabs look at all Jews as the pictures above depict them.