Thursday, October 02, 2008

Meanwhile, in Lebanon....

Thousands of Syrian troops are massed at the northern border of Lebanon.

The Lebanese that still care about their independence from Syria are not happy:
In recent declarations following Monday’s explosion in Tripoli, former President Amine Gemayel and Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea have both expressed their worries concerning Syria’s heavy military deployment and President Bachar al Assad’s recent declarations comparing Lebanon to Georgia.

Amine Gemayel insisted that the deployment of Syrian troops along the northern border of Lebanon is “not innocent”.

Samir Geagea considered that Assad’s statement following Monday’s explosion in Tripoli is “extremely dangerous”. Lebanese Forces added that the statement “clearly shows that (Assad) is preparing Syria for another military interference in Lebanon. Some of the cells of Fatah al Islam, which are the making of Syrian intelligence are still active in Tripoli and wanted to take revenge from the army”.
Other Lebanese think that Syria will attack under the pretext of stopping Islamist groups in northern Lebanon.

The Syrians have given different reasons for the buildup - first to say that they were to stop smugglers (which Amir Taheri finds laughable), and then to say that it was part of a deal with Lebanon to "avert problems."

Say goodbye to any chance for a truly independent Lebanon.