Sunday, September 28, 2008

Abbas in 2007 accused Israel of "desecrating holy places"

I couldn't find Mahmoud Abbas' full speech at the UN this year, but his speech last year included an amazing libel against Israel that I do not recall anyone condemning him for:
Is it not time for the city of Jerusalem to become a city of true peace for all peoples of faith from all religions, and for Israel, the occupying Power, to cease all actions aimed at altering the character of the sacred city, imposing siege on it and forcing its inhabitants to leave, and desecrating the Christian and Islamic holy places in the city?
This is an outrageous lie, and it far better fits the description of how Arabs have historically taken care of the city rather than how Jews did.

Yet I do not recall the Israeli government angrily condemning Abbas for this libelous claim, let alone other Western nations.

When a supposed "peace partner" cannot be trusted to tell the truth, how much weight should one give to his promises?