Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today's peaceful PalArab news

Masked men attacked a tourist village north of Gaza City, setting fire to the village, stealing property, and handcuffing and beating security guards on Wednesday.

The powerful Dugmoush family, after seeing Hamas massacring the Helles family over the weekend, decided to start a dialogue with Hamas. They started a joint committee to resolve issues between them. (The Dugmoushes are associated with the Army of Islam.)

Hamas started allowing the Al Quds newspaper to be distributed, but it still bans Al Ayyam and Al Hayat al Jadida.

Hamas raided another PA office in Gaza, stealing all its supplies, after "torturing" a Fatah official attached to it.

The summer camp named for terrorist Dalal Mughrabi participated in the opening of a mental health center in Salfit. Sounds like they need it badly.