Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Today's peaceful PalArab news

There were clashes yesterday in Bir Zeit University between Fatah and Hamas students; the university was evacuated. The Fatah students planned to protest Hamas' violence in Gaza, and the Hamas students objected a bit forcefully.

Hamas abducted a prominent Fatah activist and his brother in Gaza.

The PFLP radio station, Voice of the People, remains closed in Gaza after Hamas closed it on Saturday.

The Fatah camp named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi ended its season. Its goals were to "strengthen the bonds of love, unity and tolerance" - although apparently it does not preach tolerance for any non-Arabs in the Middle East, based on its name.

PA PM Fayyad opened up a "hall for martyrs" in a camp in the West Bank. What percentage of their "martyrs" are dead terrorists?

A Salafi leader in Gaza called for Muslims to stop helping out Hamas financially. (Salafist preachers have been targeted by Hamas.) Does this mean that Muslims support those evil economic sanctions?

And, finally, Hamas partially destroyed a restaurant in Gaza City. The reason? Because the restaurant provided free food to young boy and girl scouts ("cubs and flowers") who were associated with Fatah.