Sunday, July 20, 2008

PA lawmakers praise murderers, advocate Israel's destruction

Israel's "peace partners" have come together to praise Samir Kuntar and Dalal al-Mughrabi in this women's program on PA TV with female Fatah members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (from MEMRI):


Jihad Abu Zneid: Today has stirred the emotions of all Palestinians and the whole world [towards] a Palestinian woman who was, and still is, a commander and a fighter for the sake of Palestine. Allah willing, we hope that the day is near when the remains of this fighter and martyr, who has been dubbed "the Princess of Female Martyrs" – sister Dalal Al-Maghrabi, will return, Allah willing, to Jaffa, and will be welcomed by Jaffa and by the entire homeland, and we will celebrate our liberation.


We extend our deepest salutations to that Palestinian mother, to the mother and sisters of Dalal, and to all the female martyrs [who died] for the sake of Dalal and Palestine. I say to them: You have won [this honor]. Becoming the mother or sister of a martyr is an unparalleled opportunity. I wish I could be the mother or sister of a martyr, or even be martyred for the sake of Palestine myself. This would be a great honor. We all wish to die, Allah willing, for the sake of Palestine, and to become brides for the sake of Palestine – all the women and girls of Palestine wish for that. Dalal was a role model, and we were raised on her memory, and on this outstanding Palestinian image of that great Palestinian commander, Dalal, who led the best Palestinian operation for the sake of Palestine and its liberation.

Najat Abu Bakr: To Dalal, confined in her coffin, I say that ...today, you made all the Israeli and Zionist warlords pay the price. Your price is higher than anything they expected. You are present, because while death means absence, martyrdom means presence. Oh leaders of the Zionist enemy, we are here to stay, and you will be gone.

So Israel's "peace partners" advocate on their own TV shows that all Zionists die, that all of Israel gets destroyed, and that murderers of Jewish children be considered heroes.

As LGF writes, this TV show is like a death-cult version of The View.