Friday, April 04, 2008

"Jews are such creepy people"

My story yesterday about the new 120 mm Iranian mortars that threaten Israelis in the Negev was greeted at an "anti-war" site in the UK called "War Without End" with cheers.

Americafree: THANK YOU RABBI ?GOOD NEWS ,,,MORE TO COME,, STAY TUNED:lol: Laughing Laughing

Hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks Cowboy, about time the Palestinians started to get some real weapons.

Yeah it's great news...I'm always amused when Israel complains about Hezbollah and Palestinians being rearmed...like that shouldn't be allowed..No enemy of Israel should be allowed any arms...

I'm only hopeful that we will now see some real Israeli pain...civilian pain like women and children..and not just 'shock'...
IDF are just jokes..I want to see the same shit come down on Israel as they did in Lebanon and of course what continually rains down on GAZA every day and night...

Jews are such creepy people...

Interestingly, the site takes pains to inform users that they cannot "incite to racial hatred" according to UK laws. Equally interesting is that no one upbraided any of the commenters for advocating the potential death of civilians.

I guess that they are only against some wars.