Monday, April 14, 2008

Israel-bashers don't even bother to document their accusations

Someone named "Desert Peace" writes in the "Google News"-approved "news" source MWC News:
Case in point is an ‘analysis’ in the most recent bulletin published by a group called “CAMERA’; the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. ‘Accuracy’ to a zionist is nothing more than a lie or cover up about zionist atrocities taking place in Palestine today.
One would expect that the critic of CAMERA will be armed with some facts to show that CAMERA is lying.

One would be wrong.
Their latest target is the New Statesman Magazine for publishing an article last month by my dear Brother Mohammed Omer. Mohammed literally risks his life daily in the process of gathering information to put into articles that he writes for various magazines and newspapers. ‘Armed’ only with his camera and pen, his works have been one of the few voices of truth coming out of Gaza in the past few months.
But, the zionists see this as a threat…. their ’secrets’ are being exposed, their murders are recorded for all to see…. murders that the zionists claim never happened.

The introduction to the ‘CAMERA’ report states…

The New Statesman is a British political weekly magazine whose self-declared aim is to promote socialist ideas “among the educated and influential classes.” A frequent contributor to that magazine (as well as several anti-Israel publications) is Mohammed Omer, a Palestinian blogger from the Rafah refugee camp in Gaza, whose avowed goal is to show the world “the Israeli crimes committed against humanity every single day.” Unfortunately, Omer does not stick to facts. He supports his allegations with overt falsehoods. A case in point is a recent article entitled “What I Saw in Jabaliya“, published in the New Statesman on March 10, 2008 (page 20).

The rest of their statement can be read HERE.

This Blog prides itself as one that speaks the truth on the situation in Palestine. Mohammed Omer has been a valuable tool in this endeavor as one that is literally living on the battle field. He has been the recipient of awards for fine journalism, among them being ‘The Best Youth Voice’, correspondent for the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, published in Washington, D.C. He received that award for his series called “Gaza on the Ground“.

Mohammed will continue writing, myself and others will continue publishing what he writes. The truth will be known and the truth will set Palestine free one day…

Groups like ‘CAMERA’ can whine and lie all they want… like the title of the post says; THE CAMERA DOES NOT LIE ~~ BUT THE ZIONISTS DO…
MWC and Desert Peace (as well as The People's Voice, which also reprinted this "article") have an interesting definition of "lying." They are utterly unable to point to a single example of a lie, while CAMERA specifies and documents four very specific lies made by Mr. Omer and published in this British periodical as truth. In fact, apparently these Israel-bashign sites' dedication to "proof" is just to reprint the rantings of a blogger who apparently has no qualifications altogether and whose postings contains no facts to support his or her allegations.