Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Magic bullet

al-Aretz headlines:
IDF kills infant, top Islamic Jihad militant in southern Gaza
And in the details we learn:
A two-week-old Palestinian infant was killed after nightfall on Tuesday in a brief Israel Defense Forces ground operation in the southern Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said, just a day after Israel ended a bloody offensive in northern Gaza against Palestinian rocket squads.

A senior Islamic Jihad operative, Yussuf Samiri, was also killed. Israeli defense officials said that Samiri had been the intended target of the operation.

...Witnesses said IDF tanks fired shells and fighter helicopters fired missiles. A 1-month-old baby girl, Amira Abu-Assar, was killed by a ricocheting bullet, medical officials said.
How exactly do the Palestinian Arab "medical officials" always know that Israeli bullets are the ones that invariably kill civilians whenever there is a firefight? One would expect to see some Palestinian Arab casualties from "friendly fire," but for some reason those incidents are never reported.
Palestine Today (Arabic) reports that "fighters from the Al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, fought in violent armed clashes with automatic weapons and anti-tank missiles" during this battle. So clearly there were bullets flying from both sides.

Do Gaza police have forensics labs that can identify bullet fragments, perform some metallurgical and chemical tests, look at the trajectories and ricochet angles, and definitively identify their source within minutes of the fatality?

Every single incident, Israel is blamed, and so-called "news" organizations - including Israel's major pro-Arab newspaper - report the Palestinian Arab claims without skepticism or question.