Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Terrorists: Propaganda in the media is our favorite weapon

The Arabic Ma'an has an article this morning on how important the media is to terrorists. (Probably later today the English site will have a better translation.) Excerpts:
Abu Al-Hassan, Director General of the web site of the Nasser Saladin Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees said "that the media is crucial resistance is supplementing the role of the struggling, No less a session on the role of the warrior in the battle it gives moral batches at the psychological and focuses on the negative impact on the psychology of the occupier. "

The spokesman Abu Ahmad media on behalf of Al Quds military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, said that media resistance "as a fundamental and strategic resource for the resistance, and gives the resistance operations and activities of the various needs of the legitimacy of the Zionist media in the counter trying to show resistance as terrorist movements task only killing, slaughter and destruction."

He emphasized that "the role of media is to show that the resistance is self-defense and attempt to restore rights, and detect crimes of the occupation as real and tools used to kill the Palestinian people, and this is what happens when great equalizers domestic public opinion and the world in which we need to be this opinion to our side always."

His spokesman Hossam Abu al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade of the Supreme Military Council said : "As long as there is resistance to the occupation must be accompanied by information shows the nobility message of Jihad and resistance, and the role of Mujahideen For this significant influence in the management of the battle with the occupier."

He continues, "Media resistance today is a fundamental pillar underlying resistance factions living among them Nasser Saladin Brigades, as an important means no less important than the rocket attack."

The Abu Ahmed "that the media can be sometimes more important than armed action, and sometimes other tributary of this work provide him with legitimacy and give cover for the continued addition of directing many of the messages both on a psychological level or practical."

He noted, "The media has real achievements supports and strengthens resistance to the image viewer and monitor local and managed to stabilize the Arab Palestinian version refuted the Zionist story, which is based on lies, fraud and deception."

The world's worst criminals are saying explicitly that the Palestinian Arab media are a weapon, that accuracy is not the aim of their media but propaganda is. Yet the world's news organizations will take the information published by Palestinian Arabic "news" sources uncritically. They employ stringers and photographers who make no secret of their biases nor their disregard for the truth and accuracy.

We are not just talking about their own websites. "Palestine Today" is a pro-Hamas newspaper that delights in any damage Qassam rockets inflict on Sderot - on their main page they've had a link to a large photo collection of Qassam rockets being fired and Jews in fear in Sderot. The "International Middle East Media Center" routinely refers to Israeli arrests as "abductions" and "kidnappings."

Truth has been left far behind in the PalArab media and the terrorists are pulling the strings.