Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Boy, does the truth hurt!

Last week, during a Yom Ha'Atzmaut ceremony, acting President Dalia Itzik directed comments towards Israel's enemies:
"Our advice to you is replace your Katyushas and Qassams with computers and loving education, the smile of a boy that has a future, and neighborliness.

"We hear the sharpening of swords and voices of war from near and afar. In distant Iran, in nearby Syria, in the Palestinian Authority at out doorstep, there still reside fiery zealots of hate-ridden leaders that believe in their ability to harm the state of Israel," Itzik said, adding that "the citizens of Iran, Syria and the Palestinian Authority should think twice about why they are so thirsty for battles and blood.

"Isn't the blood that you have already spilled enough?"
The wiser PalArabs didn't bother to mention this speech, as it was a very accurate and damning indictment against the society of violence and hate that they have built over the decades. But that doesn't mean that the dumber ones can't react.

Here is what one terror-advocate wrote in response, at the "People's Voice" website where anyone can write their own "news", in an article called "Israel's Pornographic Lies":
Well, it is manifestly clear that Itzik's remarks are void of even an iota of truth and honesty. Their mendacity and brazen hypocrisy cry out to the seventh heaven.

Indeed, urging Palestinians to trade their Qassams, the primitive, ineffectual home-made projectiles, for computers, and appealing to them to stop bloodshed would have made sense had it come from a decent and peaceable state that respects human rights and observes the rule of international law.

But coming from Israel, the international pariah and perpetual violator of international law, Izik's homily can be compared to a veteran whore exhorting others to celebrate her chastity.

Well, who is occupying whose land? Who is murdering whose children? Who is demolishing whose homes? Who is narrowing whose horizons? Who is stealing whose land? And who is barring whom from accessing food and work?

More importantly, who has been committing a slow-motion genocide against whom? There are thousands of other questions that Itzik should have answered before indulging in this verbal fornication....

It is indeed lamentable that instead of urging her people to walk in the path of peace and stop killing and oppressing the already thoroughly tormented Palestinians and stealing their land and narrowing their horizons, Itzik chose to indulge in wanton lies as if lies are Israel's oxygen.

It is also especially sad that Itzik's outrageous speech went unanswered and unchallenged, neither by Israeli officials, nor by the Israeli intellectual community, nor, indeed, by the Israeli media.

This shows that the Israeli society is still suffering from a collective psychosis, a serious moral morbidity that needs a long time to heal.

Whew! While I didn't quote his entire meandering set of "facts" to prove that Israelis are bloodthirsty rapists towards a peaceful Palestinian Arab people, it sure looks like Itzik hit a nerve with this guy. And yet, in his entire screed, he couldn't point out a single "lie" that Itzik said.

(The part about a "collective psychosis" is just the latest example of Elder's First Rule of Arab Projection. His obsession with sexual analogies is perhaps a topic for another day.)

Once again, rather than admitting that the Palestinian Arab policy of unremitting violence has been counterproductive and has hurt PalArabs more than anyone else; instead of agreeing that perhaps computers are better than Qassams, we have a clueless terror apologist who just fumes and rants uncontrollably when confronted with a very simple truth.