Sunday, January 21, 2007

More news you won't read anywhere else

EoZ News Headlines:
  • Mahmoud Abbas is meeting with Islamic Jihad terror leaders in Damascus.
  • Fatah accuses Hamas of building a "tunnels republic" under Gaza - with American money.
  • The PA Interior Minister confirmed that half of a $120 million donation delivered to the PA is simply missing.
All this and more on EoZ News!

That great moderate, Mahmoud Abbas, traveled to Syria to meet with that other great moderate, Bashir Assad. But while there he also paid a respectful visit to Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Jihad movement. But not to worry - I'm sure he's a moderate also.

The spokesperson of the Fatah movement in the West bank, Jamal Nazzal, on Saturday accused the Hamas movement and government of spending millions of US dollars on the excavation of tunnels between the Gaza Strip's cities. He compared the network of tunnels in Gaza to that which Al-Qaeda established in Kabul.

Nazzal said that the tunnels, which have been discovered, indicate a huge project aimed at establishing an underground structure which he called, the "tunnels' republic," to which press and law can have no access.

According to the spokesperson, Palestinian minister of interior Dr Mahmoud Zahhar had recently confirmed that $120 million was delivered to the Palestinians, yet only $60 million entered the treasury. Fatah has demanded that the finance ministry reveal the whereabouts of those millions.
We already mentioned Friday how the chaos in Gaza is ensuring that there is no accounting oversight, but even we are surprised at the audacity of just taking $60 million.

Not that this little incident will dissuade Europe and the US from giving more and more to the "moderate" Abbas, or to pressure Israel to give millions more of "tax revenue" to be earmarked for killing Israelis.