Tuesday, December 19, 2006

These human shields didn't quite work

Two articles from Wafa (autotranslated):
Workers in the building of the General Intelligence Service, north of the city of Gaza and the population around the place today, appealed to citizens go to the place and the work of a human wall to protect (those) trapped in the building.

One of the officers present at the scene said the executive elements of the force and members of the "Hamas" armed with weapons and mortars surround the building in preparation for the bombing, pointing out that more than 150 persons working trapped in the building. (13:40 GMT)

The sources said that Hamas elements opened fire randomly on women's peaceful march composed of children and women during orientation for the protection of the headquarters of intelligence and the protection of their sons and brothers living in the headquarters. (14.45 GMT)
In other words, some Fatah loyalists were working in the General Intelligence Service headquarters and their wives and children peacefully went there in order to act as human shields from Hamas attack.

Things didn't quite work out as they planned.