Monday, November 27, 2006

Olmert, the battered girlfriend

After an unbelievable 21 consecutive hours of no Qassams, Olmert is falling all over himself to reward the Palestinian Arabs with lots of land, dismantling settlements, money and prisoners.

Oh, sure, he is demanding some things in return - all of which are reversible in the wink of an eye. As opposed to things like - land, dismantling settlements, money and prisoners.

Clearly he is an idiot.

In reaction to a thoroughly illusory and pathetically short "cease fire," lovestruck Olmert is sending roses and singing telegrams to the Palestinian Arabs, supported by a large percentage (but probably not the majority) of Israelis.

The Palestinian Arabs are not so quick to smile at the love songs of their unwanted suitor. Hamas called it a "conspiracy" and the PA claimed to embrace UN resolutions 242 and 194 which they of course had rejected for decades.

Olmert and his self-serving cronies are acting like the abused girlfriend who blames herself for all the problems in the relationship and knows that she can change the abuser if she just loves him a little bit harder. And the PalArabs are playing their part to the hilt, insisting that they require a lot more before they'd even look at her without a smirk.

Terrorism has been proven to work yet again.

But it is instructive to see how this is playing out.

Has there ever been a nation so starved for peace that they publicly and unilaterally offer practically suicidal terms, showing all their cards before the negotiations even begin?

And if the PalArabs are so battered by the constant abuse they supposedly suffer daily from Israel, why are they all of a sudden in a position to act the abuser?

Again, one must come to the conclusion that only one side truly desires peace. The other side, like the classic abuser, just wants the power that comes from the ability to push someone else around to feed his pathetic ego (known as "pride" in the Arab world.)

And the abused girlfriend needs to wake up and stop acting like a doormat already...