Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The busy life of Mahmoud Abbas

Judging from the Palestinian Arab News Agency, WAFA, Mahmoud Abbas is so busy doing important things that he can't be bothered to figure out how to pay his people.

Here were his accomplishments yesterday:
  • He met with a delegation from a religious dialogue organization.
  • He met with members of the German Christian Democratic Party.
  • He received a letter from a Lebanese member of parliament wishing him well for Eid and congratulating him for his wise leadership.
  • He received an Eid letter from the Turkish President.
  • And from the Uzbek president.
  • And from a country which may or may not exist (Tatarstan)
  • He expressed sympathy for the death of a member of the Youth Ministry.
  • He received an Eid telegram from the President of Comoros, looking forward to seeing Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine. Presumably he wrote this from his capital in Moroni.
  • Another telegram, this one from Yemen's leader.
  • He took a phone call from the External Relations Commissioner of the European Union.
  • He took a phone call from Qatar's foreign minister.
  • He sent a telegram congratulating Brazil's president on winning a second term in office.
All these hugely critical tasks must be quite a burden, but as the territories fall further and further into chaos, it is good to know that the PalArabs have such an effective leader.