Tuesday, September 26, 2006

UN pretzel logic allowing Hezbollah to run free

A couple of days ago the NYT reported:
TIBNIN, Lebanon, Sept. 24 — One month after a United Nations Security Council resolution ended a 34-day war between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia, members of the international force sent to help keep the peace say their mission is defined more by what they cannot do than by what they can.

United Nations officials in Tibnin say part of their job is to stay neutral.

They say they cannot set up checkpoints, search cars, homes or businesses or detain suspects. If they see a truck transporting missiles, for example, they say they can not stop it. They cannot do any of this, they say, because under their interpretation of the Security Council resolution that deployed them, they must first be authorized to take such action by the Lebanese Army.

The job of the United Nations force, and commanders in the field repeat this like a mantra, is to respect Lebanese sovereignty by supporting the Lebanese Army. They will only do what the Lebanese authorities ask.
These are, of course, the same Lebanese authorities that allowed Hezbollah to bring in an arsenal of tens of thousands of rockets to begin with, often past Lebanese army checkpoints at the Syria border who waved them through.

So the UN is now effectively a Hezbollah proxy army. Here's a bit of evidence of their "neutrality":

But now today we hear that Hezbollah has started re-arming, under the noses of the UN, but on the off chance that the UN would slightly impede their determination to build a new terror army they have a new strategy:
Hezbollah has been transporting rockets and heavy weaponry to Palestinian camps in south Lebanon just a few miles from the Israeli border, according to Lebanese officials.

Palestinian groups, including Fatah and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command, maintain armed bases in Lebanon, mostly in the al-Naemeh province just south of Beirut and in the Bekaa Valley, near Lebanon's border with Syria and Israel.

A senior Lebanese official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told WND Hezbollah started building a new set of bunker systems, this time in Palestinian refugee camps.

"The Lebanese Army doesn't have the authority to patrol inside the camps," said the official. "Hezbollah knows it is safe there to rebuild their war bunkers, and they began doing so with Iranian help."

A second Lebanese official confirmed the information, which came one day after Israel's Army Radio reported Hezbollah was seen by the Israeli army dismantling 14 outposts near the border with Israel, removing rockets and equipment for transport.

The Lebanese Army and a contingent of several thousand international troops have deployed in South Lebanon. None of the forces are authorized to enter Palestinian refugee camps.

The Lebanese government has stated its army will not confront Hezbollah or work to disarm the group. An agreement reached with Hezbollah last month allows the Lebanese militia to retain its weapons as long as it doesn't display the arms in public.
Let's follow the thread of illogic:
  • The UN will not do anything that the Lebanese army doesn't tell it to do.
  • The Lebanese army will not lift a finger to stop Hezbollah from re-arming.
  • Neither of them are authorized to enter the Palestinian Arab camps where Hezbollah is now known to be stockpiling weapons and building new bunkers.
And why exactly can the Lebanese not enter "refugee" camps in their own territory?

Because they are run by the UN!

For some reason, the UNIFIL forces in Lebanon cannot enter the UNRWA-run terror camps because they need Lebanese permission, which cannot be given - without permission from the UN!

And the UNRWA, which has been complicit in raising generations of terrorists throughout the Middle East and increasing the "refugee" population of Palestinian Arabs from 600,000 to some 4 million or so, jealously guards its own turf because it knows that it is a useless organization whose only purpose is to perpetuate Palestinian Arab misery so that they can continue to pressure Israel. Hezbollah fits very neatly in the UNRWA calculations - and even a castrated UNIFIL doesn't.