Friday, February 17, 2006

Insane Muslim Protester of the Day

Today's nutcase comes from Hong Kong.

And as a bonus, here is an incoherent letter to the editor in a Bangladeshi newspaper:
Curtail freedom of speech!

Desecration of the religious icon of Islam can in no way be justified on the pretext of freedom of speech, for freedom of speech is meant for serving the greater interest of mankind. But this publication of cartoon on the prophet of Islam has undermined humanity as a whole and just added fuel to the fire of continued clashes between Muslims and Jews as the Muslims perceive that the disgraceful portrayal of their prophet was masterminded by the Jewish high command. In the last few weeks the world has become turbulent with protests being carried out by Muslims all over the world. The protest in some places claimed innocent lives as the law enforcing agencies intervened to control the height of the flame of the agitated Muslims. The UN Secretary General as well as the world community has already called upon the governments to tackle the violent protests.

Now the west should realise what harm they have done to the world in the name of so called practice of freedom of speech. They have increased the already existing hatred in the Muslim mind for the west manifold which permanently ensures the making of harmony among the religious races totally impossible. I request the world community particularly the westerners who claim to be the exponents of democracy and freedom of speech to take lesson from the consequences of this callous act and apply sense of proportion about the practices that have the potential to create controversy and fracas.

In other words, when we act like animals, it's your fault. Islamist logic in a nutshell.