Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iran says Europe is discriminating against it!

Iran has grasped the fact that the European Left will do anything to avoid being called certain names, no matter how ridiculous they might be.
Iran's ambassador to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg, Ali Ahani, in a meeting with the foreign minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn, Tuesday condemned the discriminatory European reaction against the statements of Iranian President Ahmadinejad regarding the Holocaust.
This is political correctness taken to its logical conclusion: people who make racist, lying and inciteful statements cannot be criticized because that is "discriminatory."

And they deserve to be "condemned."

It would be laughable, except that this is very consistent with Iran's master plan of becoming a superpower, becoming the leader of the Islamic world, and bringing Europe on its side (or at least neutralizing it) in its global jihad against America and Israel.

Other articles from Iran's news agency are also entirely consistent with my thesis of Iran's plans: