Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Saudi-funded hate in US mosques

Yesterday, the leader of the Freedom House, a relifious-freedom organization, testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about Saudi-funded hate literature that was found in US mosques.

Their initial report came out last January and the specifics in the messages that come straight from our "friends" in the Gulf are chilling. And all of them were published and funded by the Saudi government.

  • Be dissociated from the infidels, hate them for their religion, leave them, never rely on them for support, do not admire them, and always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law.
  • There is consensus on this matter, that whoever helps unbelievers against Muslims, regardless of what type of support he lends to them, he is an unbeliever himself.
  • Never greet the Christian or Jew first.
  • Never congratulate the infidel on his holiday.
  • Never befriend an infidel unless it is to convert him.
  • Never imitate the infidel.
  • Never work for an infidel.
  • Do not wear a graduation gown because this imitates the infidel.
  • If relations between Muslims and non-Muslims were harmonious, "there would be “no loyalty and enmity, no more jihad and fighting to raise Allah’s work on earth.”
  • Freedom of thinking requires permitting the denial of faith and attacking what is sacred, glorifying falsehood and defending the heretics, finding fault in religion and letting loose the ideas and pens to write of disbelief as one likes, and to put ornaments on sin as one likes.
  • As for a Muslim who fails to uphold Wahhabi sexual mores through homosexual activity or heterosexual activity outside of marriage, the edicts found in American mosques advise, “it would be lawful for Muslims to spill his blood and to take his money.”
  • Regarding those who convert out of Islam, it is explicitly asserted, theyshould be killed.”
  • A book for third-year high school students published by the Saudi Ministry of Education that was collected from the Islamic Center of Oakland in California, teaches students, including even now some American Muslims, to prepare for jihad in the sense of war against Islam’s enemies, and to strive to attain military self-sufficiency: “To be true Muslims, we must prepare and be ready for jihad in Allah’s way. It is the duty of the citizen and the government. The military education is glued to faith and its meaning, and the duty to follow it.
  • [I]t is basic Islam to believe that everyone who does not embrace Islam is an unbeliever, and must be called an unbeliever, and that they are enemies to Allah, his Prophet and believers.
  • Residing among the unbelievers continuously is also forbidden because it is dangerous for the belief of the Muslim. That is why Allah made it obligatory to emigrate from the land of disbelief to the land of Islam.
    The message is that the peaceful coexistence of Muslim and non-Muslim in a multi-cultural state is not simply unachievable, but is undesirable and even punishable: If a Muslim “thinks it is permissible to be under their control, and he is pleased with the way they are, then there is no doubt that he is no longer a Muslim.”
    • (Keep this in mind when people castugate the French for not assimilating the Muslims into French culture - the Muslims are more against assimilation than the French. - EoZ)
  • A Saudi government textbook for eleventh grade students, copies of which were collected at the King Fahd-supported Islamic Center of Washington, D.C., tackles the issue of atheism. It analyzes atheism’s causes and motives, and describes what the author, Mohammad Qutub, terms “the role of the Jews in the corruption of the European way of life.” He writes that the Jews have seized every available opportunity to attack Christianity, and have done so from every conceivable angle, including by such innocuous-sounding themes as “progress and civilization” or “individual freedom.” First, there is Karl Marx, “and he is a Jew,” who called people to embrace communism and atheism. It adds that he is the one who wrote the famous statement “religion is the opiate of the masses.” Second, there is Freud, “and he is a Jew,” whose theories about sex call people “to free themselves from religion, from morality, and from traditions, claiming that these cause psychological and nervous-system problems.” Third, the Jews guided and controlled the industrial-capitalist movement in Europe and invested their money in usury and so were able to dominate all aspects of European life, thereby causing great corruption.
    They lured women to go to work in the factories, and when the number of working women increased they lured them into wearing makeup and revealing clothes, to corrupt their morals, and to corrupt young men with them.
    The Saudi textbook also teaches that Jews destroyed the family when they enticed women away from the duties of motherhood and raising children by convincing them that these imposed “silly restrictions limiting their freedom and growth.” Generations of children have been raised “without families, because the mother is busy at her job,” and the result has been the proliferation of groups “like the hippies, punks, and others.” Lastly, under the banner of “freedom, brotherhood, and equality” the Jews spread atheism and moral corruption by using “individual freedom” as a blanket protection for every form of vice.
  • A Saudi government text for seventh-graders, copies of which were collected at the King Fahd-supported Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., maintains that the Jews only memorized the Torah without understanding it, and did not live by its teachings. For this reason, Washington mosque-goers are told that Jews “are worse than donkeys.”
  • A more vicious narration can be found in a fourth-grade Saudi state textbook [Document No. 34], copies of which were collected from the Islamic Center of America in East Orange, New Jersey. Titled For Reading and Memorization, this Saudi state publication gives a conspiratorial reading of the history of Palestine. Again, it was the “sinful conspiracy” of imperialism that allowed the Jews “to steal this dear Arab land and to establish a large Zionist state big enough for the largest number of Jews in the world.” This state was intended as,“a thorn in the back of the Muslim nations, and a window through which colonialism can sneak up among the ranks of the Muslims to work, on dividing them and light the fire of hatred between them.
    The account ends ominously by vowing that,
    the Muslims will not rest until they cut off this disease and purify the land of Palestine from the plague of Zionism, and until its rightful owners reclaim it….Victory comes from Allah alone.”