Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hamas and Assad and Al Qaeda, oh my!

Today's news is more of the same - Palestinian Arab terror and lies, Arabs blaming Israel, and not a peep from Abbas.

Syrian leader Bashir Assad told Hamas and Islamic Jihad to escalate attacks so as to take pressure off of his adventures in Lebanon and Iraq.

The terrorists seems to have gladly done so, continuing to send rockets into Israel even after their "promise" to stop.

Meanwhile, the IDF Intelligence chief says "Al-Qaeda is in Gaza," and Hamas copied a method from Qaeda's playbook by releasing a video of the Israeli they kidnapped before he was murdered.

The IDF found a weapons factory near Jenin and also arrested a Jerusalem-based Hamas liaison to Saudi Arabia Hamas terrorists (Hamas has people in SA? Hmmmm.)

Of course, amidst all these peaceful Palestinian gestures, you can always count on Hosni Mubarak to blame Israel for the stall in the "peace process."

How will Abbas react to all this? The way he always does - by doing nothing but receive more money from idiotic world governments that will eventually filter to the terrorists.