Monday, May 16, 2005

PA TV ups the ante in Jew-hatred and incitement

Ah, the moderate Mahmoud Abbas!

The current chief of Palestinian TV was personally appointed by the PA's "president." This is the man who is hailed worldwide as a "moderate", as a "realist", as someone seeking "peace."

Oh, and one of the Palestinian commitments of the "roadmap" is to stop incitement.

Oh, and Abbas himself very eloquently promised that the PA would stop incitement. In 2003.

But I guess that liars are considered moderates in the Palestinian universe.
'The Jews are the cancer spreading all over the world...the Jews are responsible for all wars and conflicts,' Sheikh Ibrahim Mudairis said Friday during a sermon from his Gaza Mosque in the presence of uniformed Palestinian police.

'Do not ask what Germany did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to Germany,' he went on to say. 'True the Germans killed and burnt Jews, but the Jews exaggerate the numbers to gain propaganda advantages and sympathy.'
See also this:
The Palestinian Authority's print and broadcast media launched a broad propaganda attack against Israel and the United States on Friday morning-two days before the May 15 anniversary of the founding of Israel, a date the Palestinians mark as "Al-Nakba": "The Catastrophe."

Coming less than two weeks before Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is set
to visit Washington to seek aid and to proclaim his successes in promoting
moderation and democracy, the Palestinian propaganda campaign illustrated
how, sometimes, it seems that little has changed in the Palestinian media after the death of Yasser Arafat.

The campaign seemed to peak Friday but over the last two weeks and today it has included the following:

*--Systematic accusations from Palestinian officials and the Palestinian media that Israel is planning attacks on Islamic holy sites such as theAl-Aqsa Mosque on Jerusalem's Temple Mount;

*--Charges of Israel using radiation poisoning and new weapons on Palestinian travelers and demonstrators, respectively;

*--Harsh portrayals of Israel and the United States in mosque speeches and the cartoons of newspapers-both controlled by the Palestinian Authority(PA); and

*--Glorification of dead or escaped Palestinian terrorists.

Sheikh Mudeiris, who is a noted supporter of Osama Bin-Laden Al-Qaeda organization, did not waste time and from the first word of his sermon attacked Jews over the centuries for their "immorality" and "corruption."

In a speech dedicated to "The Catastrophe," Sheikh Mudeiris mixed a traditional Muslim phrase with today's politics.

"Praise be to Allah whom we to praise even for what is hateful, and [praise be to Him] for having made heroes of us to withstand what the Jews have done to us," declared the young rotund, bearded cleric as he clutchedhis gold-trimmed white robe.

He unleashed scathing charges against "the Jews who the Prophet [Muhammad] warned had killed their prophets, distorted the teachings oftheir Torah and corrupted their way of life."

Most Jews were treacherous and unreliable, Sheikh Mudeiris said, and the Prophet Muhammad and his follower Abu-Bakr were correct in fighting them and evicting them first from Muhammad's base city of Medina and then fromancient Arabia.

"Israel is a cancer among the Islamic peoples," the sheikh shouted at the crowd kneeling at his feet.

"I don't ask you to read the Quran [for this]. All you have to do is read history. Ask the British what they did with their Jews. They were thrown outfor 300 years. Ask the French what they did with their Jews."

The young charismatic cleric also accused the Jews of idolatry, and of "corrupting their morality." In previous speeches in recent weeks, he and other mosque speakers on Palestinian television and radio have said that there is an Israeli-American plot against the Arab states, and called for holy war against both Israel and America.

Just waiting for the articles about this in Reuters and AP about these explicit and consistent abrogations of agreements.